Zaïa and Jeremie leave France in 
2007 to pursue their "American Dream". 
She is an actress, producer, screenwriter and 
director. He is a screenwriter and director. 
They like the small bistros of Montmartre where 
they could read, write, dream, eat and drink at low 
prices. With "Ratata, Buffet Froid et Petits Pats" 
they want to recreate that warm and friendly old 
authentic Parisian bistro athmosphere. 
One will find tasty traditional French dishes and 
Artists will sing, perform, expose etc... 
"Ratata, Buffet Froid et Petits Plats" 
is a place where appointment is made with all those 
seeking the pleasure of the senses in all simplicity.

1884 westwood bvd
Los Angeles, USA, CA 90025 310 475 5900

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Tue-Fri: 8pam-3pm/6pm-10pm

Sat: 11am-10pm

Sun: 11am-2pm

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